Issuance of T1 and T2 documents


With our services, you eliminate the possibility of errors when preparing all the documentation.

All goods which are not import customs cleared on the territory of the European union can only be transported by guaranteeing the VAT and the customs duty with a transit document. Each transit document is covered by a bank guarantee in favor of the customs authorities.

The transit document shall be strictly prepared in accordance with the documents that has been provided. However, we at Customs Point are also checking for discrepancies in the documentation and are minimizing all possible mistake that could lead to significant sanction applied by the customs authorities.

Our significant guarantee in front of the customs authorities not only in Bulgaria but everywhere in Europe is making us confident in our ability to provide our clients with quite unlimited possibilities in terms of transit documents.

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We are providing all kind of customs representation services in different key locations in Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. Import, export or transit operations, we can offer you reliable service and professional care for your goods and business.

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